Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Kenedee!!

I can't believe our little girl is 4 already. Time goes by way too fast.
For Kenedee's Birthday we had a big family party at Grandma Olson's house.

The day before her Birthday I told her I would take her and a friend to do
whatever she wanted. She told me she just wanted to take Ava to eat at CPK
and then get their fingernails painted. They had so much fun!!

Happy Birthday Kenedee. We are so lucky to have such a fun, sweet little girl in our family. You can always make us laugh and you have the cutest personality. You are so smart and always have something funny to say. Thanks for being such a sweet girl and a great big sister. We love you sis!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Since our last post was over 2 months ago, I am going to cram
a bunch of stuff into one giant post with lots of pictures so here goes!
And it is also true that we have some good news and I am just about 3 months
pregnant with our 3rd baby and are so excited but just hope I can stop throwing up.

Disney's Princesses on Ice!
On Friday we took the kids to Disney on ice and had
so much fun and Kenedee was in Heaven.

Brooks favorite part was Dopey and Snow White.

Halloween 09

Everyone loved Brooks Dopey Costume!

The kids and some of their cousins at Grandmas house.

Deeds was Snow White and we did the spray painting on her hair 3
different nights and were glad when Halloween was over!

We had the oppurtunity to take the kids to California for a week. We spent 5 days in Disneyland, one day at Sea World, and one day at Knotts Berry Farms. The kids had such a good time and Kenedee is already asking when we are going back. We got to eat lunch with all the Princesses and Kenedee was in Heaven and we also got to eat at Goofy's Kitchen and Have Breakfast with Minnie and friends. This was so much fun to see the kids interact with all the Characters and just spend time as a family. Nates parents got to fly down and spend a couple days with us and that was alot of fun to have them there. We can't wait to go again. Here are just some of the 650 pictures we took while we were there!!!

This was at Goofy's kitchen.

Brooks still asks to wear his Mickey hat almost everyday.

I swear we went on the teacups like 15 times in 5 days!

Kenedee with her favorite princess!

She loved the castle.


The kids loved Minnie and Mickey and Kenedee had to get their autographs everytime we saw them which was alot.

I will try really hard not to get this far behind again but I kinda have an excuse. We lost the memory card that had all of our pictures on it and just recently found it. Hope you enjoyed that long post!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


We have been super busy the past month. Here are some pictures of what we have been up too.


We loved the penguins.
Deeds watching the Zebras.

Cute little Brooks!

Deeds posing on the Carousel.

Watching the Elephants.

Kenedee and Brooks.

The Kids were fascinated by these Lion drinking fountains.

My brother in-law graduated from BYU'S MBA program, so Rachelle threw him a pool party at this sweet pool.
Madeline, Mckinley and Kenedee.

Brooks loves the water.

Kenedee being sassy.

Brooks wasn't so shure about this ride.

We couldn't get him off the car.

Dad and Deeds on the swings.

Kenedee was a little nervous on her first ride of the day.

Brooks loved the Dragon ride.
Our little Princess.

My little brother got married, and we are so happy for them

Madison,Kenedee and Ava.

As you can see our kids did not want their picture taken.
Cute little flower girls.


Brandon and Emily. Congrats you two, we love yah!!